Ministry KIDS

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Pv 22:6)

The Ministry Kids aims to fulfill the mission assigned by God to teach the true way for future generations , making this known God and in the life of small . Our goal is to win the children to Jesus , reach your home / family and help them develop the character of Christ . So that , like him , to grow in wisdom, age and grace before God and men .

We have the Church of the Child, where every Sunday at 18 hours is held the Children’s Worship . In this cult , the word is given with the use of specific resources and language appropriate for different age groups. (2 to 5 – 6 to 12) .

Children who go to worship , are directed to participate in a cell , where they are also accompanied by a designated leader. From the eight years she can participate in the meeting with God Kids.

We are organized into 06 teams , which have 01 leader and about 09-10 support. We have 20 worshipers , 01 leading theater, 01 auxiliary coordinator and 01 general coordinator .

Silvana Regina Aguilar

Leader of the Ministry KIDS

Passionate about serving the King (in Ministry). Married, two good guys mother. formed and active teacher in special education.

As a professional engaged in the field of Information Technology.

“I always had the dream of bringing the kingdom of God through technology, and so far God has given us grace to keep this dream going.”